book_cover-1Susan Hodges, LNFA, upon writing A Breach of Trust, set out to raise awareness of the shortcomings of court ordered guardianship programs. She is an advocate for the rights of the elderly, and hopes this book brings about focus on dignity and respect while illuminating financial hardship for many people who have spent their entire lives lives working, raising families, and striving to be debt-free and financially comfortable.

This is the true story of a newly licensed nursing facility administrator (LNFA) and the people she meets. The stories they tell her are both hard to believe and impossible to ignore. She begins investigating and the more layers she peels away, the worse it gets. Eventually, this leads to catastrophic consequences for three special people under her care. Can she repair the damage and stop the madness before it’s too late? Or are the forces against her too powerful?

A Breach of Trust exposes the weakest link in the freedoms we all hold dear. Cross the wrong line, say the wrong thing, and at any moment you too could be stripped naked and taken captive. It is for these three special friends and all the future victims that Hodges offers this advice: whatever you do, don’t cross these people because soon, you might discover your life belongs to them now!