Last Frontier–Elderly Civil Rights (Based On True Events)

While residents struggle daily to survive, A Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator struggles to appease a system fraught with indignity of human rights and lost freedoms.  The nursing home she manages happens to be located in a dangerous part of the city. Most of the resident are on Medicaid and society is not paying attention to the injustices happening to these people.

One day three endearing people come to live in the home. At the first meeting, the Administrator concludes they have lost everything.  But she learns that they had ‘oh’ so much more to lose.

Ari Stephenson, Gracie Peele, and Dale Waterson were placed in the nursing home by a court order guardianship program.  Under the program  a judge had deemed them incompetent.  After the decree, all their assets were confiscated, and their lives were turned upside down. Remarkably, Ari, Gracie, and Dale decide not to wailer in misery but instead accept their fate by standing together.  All three were very proud Americans and their Americanism was always on display so it was natural for them to stand with their fellow American.  Regardless of their dire circumstances they begin making the rest of their lives better which in turn make other lives around them better.

With the help of these three endearing people, the nursing home becomes a place full of joy where one can make lifelong friends, and enjoy each other’s company.  It transcends into a true loving home.  then along comes “the system” that deems to destroy it.  the Administrator tries to do whatever she can to stop it, but the system devours her and this is when all it truly lost.

Romance is in the Air!

What a wonderful day for some Ft. Worth nursing home residents.  The activity director took the residents on a cool walking tour! During the tour, some of the best romantic songs were played.  Then the residents entered a candlelit dining room with the plates full of scrumptious, yummy, and heavenly cuisine.  Everyone fell in love including yours truly.  Cupid arrows hit the mark again.  Hope your valentine’s day was that awesome too!


Baby it’s cold outside.

It’s really cold outside.  Nursing home residents could use a few more blankets as well as warm socks.   Read a good book lately? How about sharing?  A local nursing home resident would love a good book. Yes, they are still here fighting the good fight and missing you.  Please include them in your week.  Joyfully, Susan


How to Support the Elderly in Your Community during the Holidays

By Susan Hodges

During the holiday season, our schedules fill up quickly with parties, gift shopping and spending time with family. But it is important to stop and think about those who may be alone this time of year.

Many of the elderly who reside in nursing homes are often forgotten and end up spending the holidays without outside visitors including friends or family. This holiday season as a valuable gift, share your time with those who need it most. Even the smallest of things can make a world of difference for nursing home residents.

If you would like to make a positive impact on a nursing home in your community, make a call to one of the administrators and see if they welcome volunteers to come visit and spend quality time with the residents. A friendly face, a warm hug and a joyful conversation can end up being the highlight of a resident’s holiday season Around the holidays, companionship can combat negative feelings of loneliness, therefore human interaction plays an important role for emotional health. If your schedule allows, make a routine of visiting your local nursing home – the friendships you may develop could surprise you.

Be mindful about what makes the holiday season special to you, and the traditions you hold dear. Decorating the tree, hanging lights outside, listening to Christmas songs on the radio and carolers on the street – are most likely activities nursing residents also enjoy and miss doing this time of year. If you have the resources and are able to get a group together, host an event for your local nursing home. Volunteer to sing carols to the residents or gather holiday decorations to donate and embellish the home. A little music and festive decorating can make holiday time spent in a nursing home seem a little less lonely.

Additionally, if the nursing home permits, bring a friendly pet to interact with the elderly residents. The simple pleasures of petting, playing and cuddling with a furry friend are a distant memory to most nursing home residents. Being able to connect with an animal, even if it’s only for a little while, can further diminish the resident’s feelings of isolation.

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time of year, but for those who spend the season alone it is a different scenario. This year, give the gift of companionship to the elderly in your community. If you would like to donate additional items or gifts for residents call your local nursing homes for rules and regulations.