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Last Frontier–Elderly Civil Rights (Based On True Events)

While residents struggle daily to survive, A Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator struggles to appease a system fraught with indignity of human rights and lost freedoms.  The nursing home she manages happens to be located in a dangerous part of the city. Most of the resident are on Medicaid and society is not paying attention to […]

Romance is in the Air!

What a wonderful day for some Ft. Worth nursing home residents.  The activity director took the residents on a cool walking tour! During the tour, some of the best romantic songs were played.  Then the residents entered a candlelit dining room with the plates full of scrumptious, yummy, and heavenly cuisine.  Everyone fell in love including […]

Baby it’s cold outside.

It’s really cold outside.  Nursing home residents could use a few more blankets as well as warm socks.   Read a good book lately? How about sharing?  A local nursing home resident would love a good book. Yes, they are still here fighting the good fight and missing you.  Please include them in your week.  Joyfully, Susan