In an effort to help individuals protect the very freedom that many Americans hold dear, Susan Hodges is an advocate for senior citizens. There are cracks in the foundational structure for supporting seniors late in life that must be repaired. Her advocacy is based on these assertions:

  • Aging should be addressed with not only common sense, but also compassion and trust.
  • Everyone involved in care for the elderly must be of “like” mind—primarily concerned with the best interests of the individual.
  • Private agendas that conflict with the resident’s best interest must be eliminated.
  • The primary responsibility of a guardian should be ensuring a ward’s human rights stay intact until death.
  • Everyone (including guardians, administrators, healthcare professionals, and operational staff) should be familiar with and follow the mission of a nursing facility.
  • Administrators, as those holding the responsibility for ensuring that residents have a homelike environment and employees have a workplace that was functional and safe, must be heard, not silenced. They should have the right to report guardians who are inattentive to their wards without fear of repercussions.

Most of all, no person should ever be pushed into eternity. Everyone has rights established when they were born and with which they should die. Even if they cannot care for themselves, peoples’ rights cannot be transferred to another individual by any means, including guardianship. This is the foundation on which America was built.